When You Need a Website

I read a post from Christy Wright today. While she makes some good points about putting effort towards the actual business rather than the PR early on, I think there's a large disclaimer that needs to be added.

Please do not send me to your Facebook page if you:

  • Do any sort of consulting
  • Write software
  • Want my personal information
  • Charge more than $4 0/hr for your services
  • Expect me to trust you with a large amount of money, my health, or any of my children

Feel free to send me to your Facebook page if you:

  • Are in personal services: restaurants, haircuts, landscaping, etc
  • Are a grassroots movement
  • Are a non-legal entity (e.g. just a group of people that use it to organize themselves)
  • Don't have any large aspirations for your company

Anybody can create a Facebook page. While websites are getting easier to create, it's still a great signal to your consumers that you are serious about your business and are successful enough to warrant building a website.

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