Best Piece of Career Advice I Could Give

Doesn't come from me...

"What is the best one sentence piece of career advice you've ever given or received?"

That was the prompt I put out to the executives of my company. Pariveda puts a huge emphasis on talent development and mentorship so I decided to crowdsource the movement and get the input of a combined couple hundred years of experience. Here is what they had to say.

Never stop growing yourself and others. If you do, you die a little bit everyday you’re not.
- Bruce Ballengee, CEO

Treat your customers/clients as you would some of your closest friends.
- David Watson, VP Seattle

In this world, people make all the choices and if you figure out the people part then you'll be very successful.
- Steve Cardwell, VP Atlanta

Never do anything well you don't want to do for a long time-- the corollary: become really good at the things you enjoy doing and the demand will follow.
- Brian Orrell, CTO

Leaders are only leaders IF people choose to follow. Without followers, leaders aren't.
- Kerry Stover, COO

Expect more of yourself than others do; never let a 3rd party (employer, market, colleague) challenge you more than you challenge yourself.
- Mike Evans, VP Dallas

Discipline - will help you grit through not only the most mundane of tasks but also the most complex.
- Liem Vu, VP Los Angeles

You can only fail forward.
- Penny Wand, VP Chicago

Always be candid, forthright, honest, and fair.
- Christopher Paul, VP San Francisco

Bring solutions. Managers get barraged all day long with problems. If you can take something off their plate by bringing a solution, you are a net contributor and make their life easier.
- Susan Paul, VP Dallas

Read the situation, think about the other person, build relationships and don’t be afraid of hard work.
- Tom Ryan, VP Chicago

Invest your 8a-9:30a window of opportunity each day towards your most important priority.
- Sean McCall, VP Houston

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