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Ninety days ago I posted on Rich Habits with a promise to try out two of the habits for ninety days and report back. The two habits I chose were 1) to listen to podcasts during the commute to work and 2) to maintain a to-do list. After 90 days, here are the results...

There were 3 primary podcasts I listened to. The first is Dave Ramsey's podcast. Dave was how I originally heard about Rich Habits and he has some great stuff to share. Sound financial advice mixed in with hearing small pieces of people's life stories from listeners. Insightful and encouraging.

The second podcast I listened to is from my church, Watermark, here in Dallas. There's a young adults meeting every Tuesday night called The Porch and I've started listening to their stuff as well. Great life lessons and very applicable stuff for my stage of life.

The last podcast I chose was Freakonomics. Listen to this once a week and your perceived IQ will go up 30 points. Just last night my wife looks at me and says, "You know so much random stuff!" And in my head I thought, Thank you Freakonomics. Thank you. How they seem to find an endless supply of interesting topics with unusual spins, will forever impress me. Always quality. Never boring. Mind candy.

Takeaway: podcasts are a great way to redeem hours spent in a car each week. Will continue to implement this practice.

The second habit I incorporated was using a to-do list. After taking an Effective Edge class at work, I had lofty visions of using Microsoft Outlook for all my tasks. I also vowed to not have email constantly open and distracting me. What I discovered is that the two are mutually exclusive: I cannot have my to-do list in the same tool as my email. I need my to-do list constantly in front of me, without distracting me with emails.

After trying a paper version for a while, I came across the golden egg: Momentum. Momentum is a gem of a product (screenshot below). It shows me the time, weather, and best of all, my to-do list. But the key is this: it's a Chrome extension. What is the one tool that I have open all day long but never distracts me with notifications? Chrome. Every time I open a new tab, there is my to-do list, just waiting to be checked off. It's been instrumental for me in helping me stay on task and preventing items from falling through the cracks.

Takeaway: have a to-do list separate from your email tool and use it. Momentum is a great option.

Momentum screenshot

Hope these help. Would love to hear from others who tried any of the Rich Habits.

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