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One of the strengths of my current company is the amount of resources they pour into talent development. One of the ways they grow us is through Career Development Programs (CDPs). At any given time, I'll have three CDPs I'm working on and they change every six months. Currently, my second CDP involves learning more about design patters. To that end, I've begun reading Head First Design Patterns. In keeping with the 1 pattern/chapter format set forth in the book, I'll be writing a blog post for each pattern as a way to present it to the reader as well as cement it in my own mind. Join in, feel free to ask questions, and I think we'll both learn something. I'll update this page with links to each post as they go up.

Most of the examples I give will closely parallel those given in the book. The words, however, will be mine except when directly quoted.

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I am a software engineer from Bozeman, MT enjoying the slightly warmer climate of Colorado. I think code can change lives. I think lives are worth changing. I write code.

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