Jekyll Not Processing HTML File

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I was working on creating a new site for Color Works LLC, when I ran into trouble with an image not showing up. I'm hosting the site on Github Project Pages so Jekyll is doing some preprocessing for me. The rub was that when I inspected element on the missing image, I saw one of my liquid variables: site.baseurl.

If you've worked with Jekyll, you know that the baseurl variable is a convenient way to get things to run both locally and on Github. At first I thought maybe I had mistyped it, or never assigned it in my _config.yml file. After verifying everything was in place, though, I was at a loss. Thus, I went poking around through some Jekyll examples before realizing my error.

See anything wrong? I had put "page.content" instead of "content". The difference is that with "page.content", Jekyll pretty much just spits out the html, but with "content" it process it, replacing that site.baseurl variable with the appropriate path. The correct code is shown below.


portrait title

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