Hello World

Call me Scott.

As my first post on my site, I'd like to take the opportunity to set some expectations. If there's one thing that growing up with three women taught me, managing expectations is key. Not just to a successful Christmas trip home, but also to a successful project: in this case, my personal website.

Firstly, I promise to be honest. I'll use credible sources, tell you what is opinion, and try not to blur the line between the two.

Secondly, in light of said honesty, I'll also give no misconception to be an expert on...well...anything at this point. I'm young (27), have only professionally coded for 9 months, have little formal education in the way of writing code (Masters in mechanical engineering), and am nowhere close to 10,000 hours on any skill.

Thirdly, the purpose of this blog is to teach and learn together. As I'm in the beginning of my journey, what better time and place to start recording my success and foibles, tips and tricks, and lessons learned along the way? Patrick McKenzie has a great interview with Nathan Barry on the value of teaching while learning. I've also seen the utility gained from teaching by those close to me and wish to replicate like gains. In light of both of these, I present this site: a place to share and learn.

Lastly, my ask of you. If you think something is inaccurate, tell me. If you like what you read, forward to a friend. If you need help, get in touch.

That's it. Let's begin.

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About Scott

I am a software engineer from Bozeman, MT enjoying the slightly warmer climate of Colorado. I think code can change lives. I think lives are worth changing. I write code.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, , and Github.