Day One

  • Client:

    Anyone who has a something they want to stop doing
  • Date:

    November 2012 - present
  • Release:

    Summer 2015
  • Site:

    Google Play

Day One is an app to help you track your progress, record your thoughts, and get help in a moment of weakness as you work to overcome a bad habit.

All of us struggle with things we'd like to stop doing. It is when we are alone that we are most vulnerable to these temptations. Even in those moments, we still have our phone. Day One aims to take that phone and turn it into a source of encouragement.

Day One has a timer to record how long you've gone since your previous relapse. It has emergency buttons to call or send a prerecorded text to a friend. It also has a journal where you can record your thoughts and look back over your progress.

Note: Day One is not meant to be a replacement for living in authentic community and seeking professional help. It is merely another tool to help on the road to recovery.

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About Scott

I am a software engineer from Bozeman, MT enjoying the slightly warmer climate of Colorado. I think code can change lives. I think lives are worth changing. I write code.

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