I grew up in Montana before moving to New England to complete my Undergrad and Master's degrees in mechanical engineering from Dartmouth. Upon graduation, I worked at Brown for a short time before taking a job in Dallas in the R&D department of a thermoelectrics company. After 9 months I realized I'd rather be writing code, taught myself Java to write an Android app, and landed a job at Pariveda Solutions, an IT consulting firm head quartered in Dallas, TX. Nearly three years later, I moved to Denver, Colorado where I've started my own company, M Not B LLC, and am hiring myself out as a freelancer specializing in ASP.NET MVC enterprise applications deployed to the cloud.


If you have questions about my work, need advice on a problem, or want to share some thoughts, feel free to get in using the links below.

I'm on Twitter, LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Github and regular old email.

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About Scott

I am a software engineer from Bozeman, MT enjoying the slightly warmer climate of Colorado. I think code can change lives. I think lives are worth changing. I write code.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, , and Github.