Azure Web App with Custom Domain in Namecheap

I recently set up an Azure web app as a splash page for a new product I'm launching. I wanted to use my custom domain but everything I was finding online was out of date with how to set it up in Namecheap, my DNS provider of choice. I finally chatted with Namecheap support who had me up and going in a few minutes. Here's what you do:

Launchrock Sucks

I recently tried to put up a splash page for a new website I'm launching (more on that in the months to come). Launchrock is a popular service that sounded like it'd make my life easier by setting up the back end for me and allowing me to get up and running quickly. Wrong. The short of it: LR Help and Support sucks. Bad. Here are some examples (and yes, I have emails and screenshots of everything):

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